* We promote individual rights, the universal values of freedom of speech and expression, of religion, the right to assembly and association, the separation of religious-institutions and state, and

* We encourage a tolerant environment of goodwill that promotes liberty and universal rights of man and women.

* We are committed to the productivity of civil society, so the individual must be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his/her labor on his/her own terms, within societies based upon equal application of civil law for all persons.

* We denounce the use of violence; we repudiate all motives sourced from hate, revenge, or intolerance.

* We welcome cooperative association with all individuals and groups of like mind, in order to leverage our efforts in promoting the common good and prohibiting any oppression of the human spirit.

* The interdependent individuals comprising the 12Petals Media Group pledge to implement these principles through watchfulness, education, and social activism, so that all humankind may enjoy the rights and privileges ensured by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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